Different Approaches Used To Find A Sewer Leak

Most of us understand the negative impacts a bust sewer presents. Apart from the bad smell, a leaking sewer could make life much harder considering the health risks dirty water presents to the inhabitants of a house. At the same time, leaked sewer water could do a lot of damage to a structure when not found and dealt with accordingly and in a timely manner. As such, as it is important that you work on identifying a leak as soon as you suspect that your sewer line is bust.

In such a situation, you might need to consider hiring a plumbing specialist to find and repair the leak. However, finding a professional that will get the work done with least damage to your home can be rather complicated. It is, therefore, important that you take the time to consider who you hire to handle the task. Above all, making sure that the sewer leak is identified should be your primary focus. As such, you also need to know some of the ways that you can detect a leak even before you call in a specialist. This could help in identifying leaks before things get out of hand. However, there are scenarios where the leak might be in hard-to-reach and hidden areas of your home. In such situations, having a professional handle the location of a leak is your best bet. So, what are some of the approaches used to find a sewer leak?

Want a sample of what it is like to look for a sewer leak?  Watch this video:

Smell And Sight Inspection

When a sewer is a bust, there is one thing that will let you know that things are not ok – and that is an odor. When you sense a putrid smell in and around your home, consider walking around your house and basement while focusing on identifying areas where the smell seems strongest and looking for signs of dripping water or puddles of dirty water. This is one of the simplest ways of finding a sewer leak.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is another reliable way of finding a sewer leak that is hidden or hard to locate. However, this approach is a bit complicated and requires specialized tools and equipment. As such, the best bet you have when looking to have your sewer system tested through smoke testing is having a professional plumbing company come in and handle the process for you. A process that involves the releasing of gas like hydrogen or helium to pressurize your home’s plumbing system then looking for where there is a leak by searching, using specialized tools, for places where the gas is escaping through.

Video Inspection

Another way to find a sewer leak without having to demolish walls is by having a camera inspection done. Just like smoke testing, camera inspections will require skill and specialized equipment and is useful in identifying hidden leaks. As such, you might need to consider calling a professional plumber to handle this task for you. Under this option, a small camera is pushed through the sewer system and provides video feedback of the internal part of the system. Through this approach, a plumbing specialist can quickly identify the position and size of the leak, making it easier for him or her to take care of the problem with precision and lesser damage.

Looking for Sewer Leaks