All Natural Gardening Review

Our ancestors used to practice natural gardening that fed them for many generations. They used to practice all natural gardening and they didn’t have to apply any synthetic fertilizers that are commonly used today. With the advancement of technology in gardening, convectional gardening is widely practiced widely at the expense of several factors like environmental degradation and numerous health issues caused to our animals and us.

And by practicing all natural gardening it means that all your gardening accessories like seeds and activities like seasoning care should be natural for it to be considered organic gardening. Currently at the market, there are several companies that sell patented seeds that are genetically modified. But you should be able to get quality seeds that are certified as all natural. There are several seeds offered from flower seeds to all kind of vegetables that you may want for your organic nursery.

The use of synthetic fertilizers has been known to cause huge environmental degradation by increasing the acidity level of the soil and making it less fertile. Some fertilizers and pesticides contain petroleum products and have caused an increase in pest resistance to pesticides and also contain carcinogen and other inert ingredients that are harmful to our health. By using your own compost manure in your lawn, you are able to make safe place where your kids and pet can play.

With organic gardening, there are numerous benefits that you will be able to enjoy when it comes to your health concerns and also in conserving our ecosystem. Here are some of the benefits of practicing organic gardening;

  • Non-Toxic

With compost manure and natural pesticides, there are no harmful chemical substances that are associated with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals are toxic at the same time increase acidity to the soil and moisture in the atmosphere. The pesticides used in convectional gardening are can also be nondiscriminatory and wipe out even on beneficial insects and micro organisms in the soil.

  • Environmental Conservation

Synthetic fertilizers are easily washed away by rain water to other water bodies like lakes and oceans. This causes the water bodies to have more nutrients which cause the sea weeds like water hyacinth to grow and compete for oxygen with fish. The weed also poses navigation challenge. The pesticides and herbicides used are linked also to various health issues such as miscarriage and infertility and various cancers like breast and prostate cancer.

  • Improving Soil Bacteria

The toxic substances in the synthetic fertilizer and pesticides are known to be harmful also to the bacteria found in the soil. Most of these bacteria are beneficial to the crops and others can also be used as an anti-depressant. By doing organic gardening you are able to spare these bacteria.  With good soil, you might not need your florist anymore to help make your house beautiful with high quality flowers.

  • Healthy Exercise

By working on your garden, you are able to keep yourself active and can be an alternative of going to the gym. Being outside also enables you to enjoy the vitamin D from the sunlight and at the same time reduce stress and anxiety by enjoying the nature and sunshine.   Furthermore, gardening can be good for your mental health.  It can help recover from trauma and give a generally peaceful mind.

  • Alternative Cheap Source Of Food

By growing your own organic food you are able to cut the cost that you could have used to buy groceries.

organic garden

Go into all natural gardening and experience the satisfaction of knowing that your garden and compound is untainted from all the harmful substances. That the food you give to your family is safe and healthy and the soil is naturally fertile and safe for your loved ones to play with.